Plastic Industries We Serve

Tackling Tough Problems, Delivering Effective Solutions, Across a Host of Industries

We love tackling tough problems and are not limited to any group of industries. Here are a few of the industries where we have delivered highly engineered and effective plastic resin solutions.

Food Packaging

PolyVisions grafted materials have superior heat seal adhesion characteristics when compared to the base polymers of PET, Nylon and Polyolefin. As a result, they are often used as tie layers between incompatible materials. This allows the end user to get the best properties of several materials in one co extruded film product. Our FDA food contact approved grafted polymers also have superior impact resistance over a wide range of temperatures.

Food Processing

PolyVisions unique polymer grating techniques allow us to dramatically enhance the physical and thermal properties of a wide variety of resins. Our grafted PET resins have superior impact resistance over a wide range of temperatures. This makes them perfect solutions for demanding industrial cooking and freezing applications. Products offered to the food market are all FDA approved for food contact.

Health Care

PolyVisions supplies lubricants and processing aids to a variety of applications in the health care industry.

Other Industries

No matter what industry you serve PolyVisions’ team of expert engineers and production leaders have the skills to take on difficult polymer engineering challenges. With over 20 years of compounding experience and a passion for solving problems, we are ready to help you grow your business.


We have the capability to add flame retardants, impact modifiers, heat stabilizers, etc., to a variety of polymers used in automotive, rail, and aerospace applications.

Wire & Cable

PolyVisions handles density modifiers, impact modifiers, and a wide range of polymers to service the needs of the wire and cable industry.