PolyVisions is a world leader in the modification of recycled PET converting it from single use packaging grade material to a fully circular plastic suitable for durable goods applications. DuraPET PCR™ is a graft copolymer based on a post-consumer recycled PET matrix.  DuraPET PCR™ is a highly durable compounded resin with impact and durability properties equal to most engineering grade plastics on the market today.  With up to 92% recycled content, DuraPET PCR™ is the solution brands are looking for to meet sustainable plastics use goals. As a drop -in replacement for ABS and other engineering grade resins, DuraPET PCR™ can be injection molded or extruded for finished goods in consumer electronics, automotive, appliances, home goods and countless other products.

Typical Applications

  • Furniture and Office Products
  • Consumer electronic devices.
  • Medical instrumentation housings.
  • Extruded Sheet for Wall Panels and Thermoformed Product.
  • Profile Extruded Product.
  • High Impact Injection molded Product.

DuraPET PCR™ Advantages

  • Made from up to 92% Post-Consumer Recycled PET.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.
  • Easily Custom Colorable.
  • Can be Painted and Printed Without Treatment.
  • Extreme Durability.
  • Ease of manufacturing – Injection Molding, Extrusion, and Blown Film.
  • High Elongation.
  • Super High Impact.
  • Drop In replacement for ABS and other engineering grade materials

DuraPET PCR™ Product Data Sheets

Download DuraPET™ 0624 PCR ST Technical Data Sheet (PDF file)

Download DuraPET™ 0624GF20 PCR ST Technical Data Sheet

Download DuraPET™ 0624GF30 PCR ST Technical Data Sheet

Download DuraPET™ 1220 PCR ST Technical Data Sheet