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EBONY Black Master Batch Color

EBONY Black Master Batch Color

Ebony products are carbon black master batches in a variety of carrier resins including PET, polyolefin, and other thermoplastics. Ebony products accelerate rates of crystallization and increase customer production rates. They have superior dispersion which is key property for color development. Ebony can be used in lower percentage rates than other typical master batches. This rate can be reduced in half and still display excellent dispersion and Jetness! Ebony resins can be formulated to meet specific finished product needs.

EBONY MB Applications

  • FDA Food Packaging.
  • Injection Molded Product.
  • Extruded Profiles.
  • Electronic Devices.
  • Agricultural Films.

EBONY MB Advantages

  • FDA Approved Black MB.
  • Excellent Dispersion.
  • Lowest Let Down Ratios for High Degree of Jetness.
  • High Degree of Crystallinity Where Needed.
  • Available in Multiple Carriers.
  • Can be Customized to Meet Specific Needs.

Download Typical Product Data Sheet (PDF file)