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Engineered Plastics

The Versatility of Engineered Plastics

For such a deceptively simple material, engineered plastics sure go through a lot of processes during production. They also happen to serve a great deal of functions and make up many of the world’s important gadgets and technologies. A quick glance at the outside world will tell anyone that plastic and its derivative resins make up nearly everything from the brightly-colored mobile phone cases to the massive bridge linking two halves of a city across a river.

There is a broad market for the engineered plastics that we make here at PolyVisions, Inc.. In the industries that we service, these versatile uses of our products are put to test:

1.) Specialty plastics play a crucial role in many commercial applications. Since plastic has become the default material for many kinds of containers, components, and finished products, it is very much in demand in the following commercial industries:

a. Packaging. Heat resistant polymers are typically used to produce containers that are meant to transport hot food. Some of these similarly made containers were also designed to be taken straight from the freezer and into the oven or microwave, as in the case of plastic containers for TV dinners or frozen entrées.

b. Food processing. Specialty polymers that can withstand a certain kind of impact or temperature are developed for business customers who use containers made from the engineered plastics in their food processing assembly line.

c. Consumer technology. Many parts and components for smart phones, laptops, or tablets that are made from engineered plastic are sourced from plastic manufacturers like PolyVisiions, Inc. Some of the material sourced from the latter can be as tiny as plastic pellets that are melted down and shaped into mobile phone accessories or protectors.

2.) Engineered plastics are also in demand in the civic engineering field. Some of the applications that require the said material are in the following fields:

a. Transportation. Polymer plastics that are highly resistant to heat or high impact, along with liquid resins that harden into durable formations, comprise many of the parts that are used in automobiles, airplanes, or boats. Some special polymers are even used in the process of constructing vessels that are meant for aerospace travel.

b. Civil structures. To ensure that a bridge or a tower will stand secure and steady, engineered plastic materials are often included in positioning or securing them.

c. Wires and cables. These sorts of objects are normally subjected to a great deal of outside pressure and impact along with extreme fluctuations in temperature. As the leading plastic manufacturing company today, PolyVisions, Inc. has an extensive product line of engineered plastics that can modify and lessen impact and density, as needed. These special polymers are crucial in ensuring that constant and secure access to essentials like electricity and Internet remains uncompromised.

3.) Specially-designed plastics can also cater to the special needs of other industries apart from the aforementioned. PolyVisions, Inc. has an expert team of engineers and customer service representatives on hand to help clients come up with the kind of engineered plastics that they need.

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