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Engineering Polymers

PolyVisions Inc: An Industry Expert in Engineering Polymers

Engineering polymers are a type of plastic materials that are durable and rugged. Because of these properties, this type of polymer is widely used in the manufacturing industry. It is also commonly used as material in consumer goods too.

Unlike commodity plastics, engineering plastics have the ability to handle heat and stress which makes them a perfect material for making containers and packaging. These polymers are also called thermoplastics. They are used by manufacturing companies as raw materials. They are subjected to high temperatures, melted and moulded to make usable products.

There are basically five types of engineering polymers. They are polyphenel, polyester, polyoxmethylene, polymide and polycarbonate. PolyVisions Inc. has made a mark in the science of polymers. With its nearly 30 years of operation, the company has worked with virtually all types of plastics including these types of engineering polymers.

Heat Generating Polymers

Known for its high temperature threshold, Polyphenel is a common raw material in the plastic engineering industry. It is used to make heat generating consumer products including coffee makers, hair dryers and washing machines among many others. It is a tough material that can withstand heat repeatedly without melting. As such, polyphenel is a type of engineering plastics used for making ovenware and other food packaging and processing materials.

PolyVisions Inc. does not just work with polyphenel. It has found better ways to make food-safe products. The company has created what they call grafted PET resins which have top notch impact resistance. They are also capable of resisting and withstanding a wide range of temperatures. It is what makes PolyVisions a top choice in the food industry. Their products are ideal for freezing and industrial cooking applications.

Polyester Engineering Polymers

Polyester is not only useful in the garment industry. In fact, it can be just as useful to the electronics industry. It actually has a unique chemical makeup that has a high insulation rate. It is utilized in making ignition coils, automobile sections boards and televisions.

Supersteel Polymer

A plastic material with incredible strength, polyoxmethylene is dubbed as super steel. While it is strong engineering polymer, it is amazingly lightweight and sensitive too which makes it ideal for making mechanical instruments and gears.

Metal-Like Polymers

There are two types of engineering polymers that possess metal-like strength. These are polycarbonate and polymide. Polymide is highly useful in the automobile industry. It serves as a competent metal replacement in manufacturing fan blades, valves, dashboards and automobile bumpers.

While polymide is commonly used material in automobiles, polycarbonate is highly beneficial to the technology industry. This polymer has found its way to DVD players and computer parts. It is also utilized in making airplane cockpit glass and motorcycle helmets among others.

Polyvisions Inc. does not just work with these polymers. Their knowledge and experience in polymer engineering and science allows them to come up with effective solutions to even the most challenging polymer engineering problems. The company’s outstanding record in working with several industries including the healthcare, transportation, wire and cable industries among others is a testament to their mastery of engineering polymers.

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