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Plastic Compounding

For plastic compounding of industrial polymers, the first choice is PolyVisions Inc.

Operating from our own 22,000-square-foot building in Manchester, PA, and a subsidiary of Bemis Associates Inc., PolyVisions Inc. is a nationally and globally renowned formulator of a comprehensive lineup of useful polymer materials, applicable for a wide range of industrial goods – and we have been making them since 1986.

We welcome you to investigate the extensive usefulness of our primary line of polymerized materials and plastic compounding resins, such as DuraPET, ProFlow, Ebony, NuPET and SealPET. With the needs of the industries we serve to guide us, we have engineered these materials to be resources with mass appeal. More details concerning this exclusive product line is presented under the Products menu on PolyVisions.com.

Plastic compounding is really the essence of PolyVisions’ business model. We possess the infrastructure and knowledge to customize a plastic or thermoplastic compounded material conforming to the particular needs your industry or company is facing. This capability differentiates us from the average in the arena of plastic compounding.

Whether you’re familiar with PolyVisions, it’s probable that you’ve encountered many of the wares that depend upon PolyVisions’ products. Roofing membranes, frozen entrée plates, undersea cables, even the nipples on your infant’s bottles safely contain plastics and thermoplastics of our design, development and compounding.

We perform plastic compounding with basically any suitable material, including polycarbonate, polypropylene, nylon, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

To be sure, these words aren’t normally heard around the water cooler (well, maybe our water cooler), but the prolific nature of these materials and their usefulness in forming synthetic polymers is certainly well-understood within our occupational circles. We have accumulated vast experience in compounding plastics for use in the food packaging, healthcare, food processing, transportation and cabling/wiring industries, among others. All of it is due to the plastic compounding which is the calling card of PolyVisions Inc.

Within the discipline of polymer chemical science, the principles of reactive extrusion foster the formulation of new materials, creating novel substances with far-ranging applications across a wide variety of industries. In short, with our expertise in plastic compounding, we improve things.

The exclusive technologies owned by PolyVisions allows for the entire customization of solutions for plastic compounding.

Firstly, let’s learn about your company’s polymerization requirements. Send us a brief outline of your needed project through the Contact page of PolyVisions.com. Then, let’s thoroughly examine the circumstances of your project to ascertain how PolyVisions can enable your company to achieve the desired solution.

More than anything, what separates us from our competitors in the custom polymerization and plastic compounding industry is our abilty and desire to become a virtual member of your own team, as we implement the plastic compounding solutions we develop.

Make us part of your team. Call 717-266-3031, or reach us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. We have plenty of reason to be confident that you’ll receive rapid solutions, timely delivery of that solution, and invaluable customer support every step of the process.

We look forward to providing your business with the plastic compounding solutions that benefit your business the most.

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