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Plastic Compounding Solutions

PolyVisions Offers Innovative Plastic Compounding Solutions

Plastic compounding is a multi-million dollar industry. Polyvisions Inc. is a major player in this business. Over the years, the company has contributed significantly to a multitude of industries providing high standard material solutions that helped grow businesses.

What does plastic compounding mean?

Essentially, it is a process that involves blending molten plastic base with various additional materials. It is not just about mixing different substances however. Rather, plastic scientists must choose modifiers and additives carefully in order to create materials with specific qualities.

In the process of plastics compounding, the resulting material depends on the combination of substances. The selection of substances can affect various characteristics such as strength, texture and color among others. It is quite common for plastic compounders to add at least one additive to the base material. Additives can come in the form of powders, flakes or pellets.

Compounding plastics involve different steps. One of the basic steps includes mixing the additives with the molten base. To make sure the additives are completely incorporated to the base material, the mixture passes through several blending and dispersal processes. A series of steps is taken until a final product is achieved.

In some cases, additional processes are applied in an effort to decrease the material’s chemical volatility. In other cases, plastic compounders employ recycled material to the process. It is the plastic compounding process that allows bottling companies to incorporate recycled materials to their packaging.

When the processing is complete, the product goes through a cooling and extrusion process usually in the form of pellets. The end product is then packaged and prepared for distribution.

The PolyVisions Difference

PolyVisions Inc. does not just use standard practices when it comes to plastic compounding. The company has a high tech facility in Manchester, Pennsylvania that allows them to come up with new formulations to create custom fit solutions for their clients. Their polymerized materials have proved useful in various industries including healthcare, wire and cable, transportation, food processing, food packaging and others.

Most plastic compounding companies focus on to commonly used base polymers namely polypropylene and polyethylene. Polyvisions Inc. is not just experienced in polypropylene and polyethylene compounding. As a matter of fact, over the years of their operation, the company has managed to master working with other base polymers including polycarbonate, nylon, thermoplastic elastomers and polyethylene terephthalate to name a few.

The company has also come up with highly unique engineered resins with exceptional qualities. These innovative resins are Ebony, DuraPET, ProFlow, NuPET and SealPET. These polymerized materials are specifically developed to meet industry standards. Those in the food processing and food packaging industries will be pleased to know that some of these materials are FDA food contact approved.
In other words, PolyVisions Inc. is not just a run-of-the-mill plastic compounder. They do not just provide polymerized materials. They ensure that clients can maximize business benefits through their products. Find out how PolyVisions can provide solutions to your plastic compounding needs by contacting them through their official website, https://www.polyvisions.com/.

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