Plastic Resin Manufacturing

to Meet Your Most Challenging Needs

Turning Polymers into Solutions



PolyVisions has the capacity to produce 5 million pounds of compounded material per year. We operate 24 hours a day five days a week in our 25,000 square foot facility. Backed by the financial strength of 105 year old parent Bemis Associates, PolyVisions is well funded for expansion that comes with growth. Our well-equipped lab ensures that we have the technology to develop state of the art products.


Twin Screw Extrusion Compounding

Two Leistritz 67 mm co-rotating, inter-meshing, twin screw extruders
Entek 58 mm state of the art co rotating twin screw installed in 2018
All three lines have multiple feeders for multi-component formulations

All three lines have in line crystallization.


Coarse granulation
Fine pulverizing mill for different types of products-from polyethylene to PET


Desiccant bed dryers from lab scale to production scale
Heated ribbon blenders

Convention ovens
Vacuum drying for small volumes


Jacketed double ribbon blenders
Can accommodate multiple volumes – from lab scale to production scale
Capable of temperature control


Water bath for stranding cutting
Cooling capabilities for water bath to pelletize difficult to cut soft materials
Can cut pellets to desired diameter and length
Capability of inline crystallization


3/4″ Brabender lab extruder

Produces pellets, sheet, blown film, and batch mixing

Lab Twin Screw Compounding Line

Co rotating intermeshing extruders
Strand pelletizer
Underwater pelletizing

Analytical Equipment

–      Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
–      Ash content
–      Melt Flow Rate
–      Rheology
–      Moisture Analysis