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Reasons Why PolyVisions is a Leading Choice among Plastic Resin Suppliers

Since PolyVisions began its operations in 1986 as plastic resin suppliers, the company has been proving their top notch mastery in plastic compounding. With its technologically advanced facility, state of the art laboratory and undisputed knowledge in polymer science, the company continues to explore new solutions in polymers. Because of PolyVisions ability to consistently provide high standard of quality and superb customer satisfaction, PolyVisions continues to add to their long list of clients from multiple industries.

PolyVisions is not only a leading choice among plastic resin suppliers. The company offers its own line of uniquely engineered resins that fit specific standards and requirements.

FDA-Approved NuPET Resins

NuPET is ideal for nucleation and crystallization control. These engineered plastic resins feature high initial crystallinity and high processing outputs. It also boasts of high thermal stability as well as high impact resistance with improved elongation and tremendous durability. These are the characteristics that make this PET resin suitable for specialty packaging applications as the product is also FDA approved for food contact.

Innovative DuraPET Resin

Are you looking for plastic resin suppliers that can deliver highly durable and high impact plastic resins? PolyVisions’ DuraPET could be the solution. This modified PET material is capable of withstanding challenging outdoor and environmental conditions. It can tolerate heat above 180 degrees Celsius. At the same time, DuraPET can withstand the cold to a temperature as low as –40 degrees Celsius.

DuraPET can be used for both freezing and cooking bags. It also proves beneficial to extruded, structural thermoformed products and specialty packaging applications. Clients in need of injection molded materials, multi-layer and blown films also find this PolyVision product extremely useful. PolyVisions Inc. has managed not only to make this PET resin strong and durable. DuraPET has been specially formulated for increased crystallinity, high sealability rate and high elongation as well.

Ebony Plastic Resin

If you are in the food and food packaging industry, you will find many advantages in PolyVisions’ Ebony additive resin. It is used for the production of thermoformed cooking trays. It serves highly beneficial in packaging applications as well.

PolyVisions Inc. developed Ebony resin from multiple carrier resins such as polyolefin and PET among other types of thermoplastics. The main advantage of this resin is its ability to increase production and crystallization rates. Ebony is also suitable for color development because of its high dispersion rate. Ebony is FDA compliant. It can be customized to meet a client’s specific needs.

UV Stable SealPET Plastic Resins

Among plastic resin suppliers, PolyVisions is probably the only one who can provide extremely durable and impact resistant resins with impressive heat seal strength and high elongation which also offers UV stability. These are the top advantages of SealPET resins.

ProFLOW Plastic Resins

This is another innovative product of PolyVisions for processing aids and lubricants. If you are in healthcare in need of plastic resin supplies to meet the industry’s demands, this uniquely engineered plastic resins may be the solution you are looking for.

There are many possibilities that PolyVisions Inc. can offer to your business. These are only among the top reasons why the company is a top choice among plastic resin suppliers in the USA.

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