ProFLOW Plastic Resin

Innovative Resin Additive

ProFLOW for FDA and Other Processing Applications

The ProFLOW line of processing aides improve processing of a wide range of thermoplastic materials. ProFLOW has an ultra-high melt index which enables it to dramatically reduce mold pressures in injection molding and extrusion applications. ProFLOW resins are high flow rate (MFR 1500+) polypropylene resins that quickly melt to low viscosity Newtonian fluids (100-200poise). Melting temperatures range from 142°C to 161°C for standard products but can also be made with 117°C and 232°C melting temperatures. ProFLOW resins retain the physical properties of PP and can be used in FDA applications. ProFLOW are commonly used as lubricants, processing aids for extruded film and rubber molded products.

ProFLOW Advantages

  • Commonly Used as Lubricants and Processing Aids
  • Increases Material Flow for Thin Wall Parts Filling
  • Nucleating Agent for Crystallized PET (CPET)
  • Compatible with TPE’s to Aid in Processing Allowing Lower Pressures in Molding and Extrusions
  • FDA Compliant
  • Can be produced as a Homo and Co-Polymer
  • Variations of Base Resins to Influence the MP

Typical Applications

  • Thin wall containers – Reduction in Peak pressure by over 10% when added to Polypropylene at 5% addition!
  • TPE Baby Nipples – Significant reduction in fill pressure AND Improved Mold Release at 5% Addition.
  • Over Molding of Connectors – Reduction In Peak Pressure By over 25% When Added to TPU at 7%!
  • Over Molding of Electronics Housings – Reduction In Peak Pressure By over 15% When Added to TPE at 5%.
  • Breathable Roofing Membrane – Increase of Membrane Breathability When Added to TPO at 5%!
  • Aid in Dispersion of Additives – Increase of Proper Dispersion in a Glass Filled Polypropylene Compound!

Technical specifications

ProFLOW 1000
ProFLOW 1000 Conventional
LMWPP Resin PP Resin
Melting Point (°C) 161 162
Peak MW 46,900* 143,000
Mw 50,600* 293,000
Mn 22,800* 47,500
MWD=Mw/Mn 2.22* 6.18
Modulus (psi) 180,000 193,000
Strength (psi) 5000 6200
Notched Izod (ft-lb/in) 0.14 0.34
Melt Index (g/10 min) ~1500 5.5
(230 °C, 0.0825″ ID)
Modified MFR (g/10 min) 5.5 ± 0.6 No Flow
(230 °C, 0.0200″ ID)
Melt Viscosity (Poise) 61 4800
(190°C, 100 sec -1)
ProFLOW 3000
ProFLOW 3000 Conventional
LMWPP Resin E/P Resin
Melting Point (°C) 142 144
Peak MW 42,600* 126,000
Mw 52,900* 302,000
Mn 22,800* 55,400
MWD=Mw/Mn 2.36* 5.46
Modulus (psi) 110,000 126,000
Strength (psi) 3700 4300
Notched Izod (ft-lb/in) 0.32 0.55
Melt Index (g/10 min) ~1500 4.5
(230 °C, 0.0825″ ID)
Modified MFR (g/10 min) 5.5 ± 0.6 No Flow
(230 °C, 0.0200″ ID)
Melt Viscosity (Poise) 61 5600
(190°C, 100 sec -1)

Download ProFLOW 1000 Product Data Sheet (PDF file)

Download ProFLOW 3000 Product Data Sheet (PDF file)

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