Innovative Resin Additive

ProFLOW for Processing Applications

The ProFLOW line of processing aides improve processing of a wide range of thermoplastic materials. ProFLOW has an ultra-high melt index which enables it to dramatically reduce mold pressures in injection molding and extrusion applications. ProFLOW resins are high flow rate (MFR 1500+) polypropylene resins that quickly melt to low viscosity Newtonian fluids (100-200poise). Melting temperatures range from 142°C to 161°C for standard products but can also be made with 117°C and 232°C melting temperatures. ProFLOW resins retain the physical properties of PP. ProFLOW are commonly used as lubricants, processing aids for extruded film and rubber molded products.

ProFLOW Advantages

  • Commonly Used as Lubricants and Processing Aids
  • Increases Material Flow for Thin Wall Parts Filling
  • Nucleating Agent for Crystallized PET (CPET)
  • Compatible with TPE’s to Aid in Processing Allowing Lower Pressures in Molding and Extrusions
  • Can be produced as a Homo and Co-Polymer
  • Variations of Base Resins to Influence the MP

Typical Applications

  • Thin wall containers – Reduction in Peak pressure by over 10% when added to Polypropylene at 5% addition!
  • Over Molding of Connectors – Reduction In Peak Pressure By over 25% When Added to TPU at 7%!
  • Over Molding of Electronics Housings – Reduction In Peak Pressure By over 15% When Added to TPE at 5%.
  • Breathable Roofing Membrane – Increase of Membrane Breathability When Added to TPO at 5%!
  • Aid in Dispersion of Additives – Increase of Proper Dispersion in a Glass Filled Polypropylene Compound!

Download ProFLOW 1000 Product Data Sheet (PDF file)

Download ProFLOW 3000 Product Data Sheet (PDF file)

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