SealPET Plastic Resin

Innovative High Impact PET Resins

SealPET for FDA and Impact Resistance

SealPET grafted compounds are impact modified PET materials that have excellent low temperature impact resistance. The proprietary grafted materials have superior heat seal bonding strength and low temperature impact when compared to standard PET materials. Graft copolymers create interfacial compatibility with rubbery components and also increased melt viscosity and melt strength. SealPET is available as a fully formulated product for Injection Molding, Extruded and Blown Film products tailored for elevated crystallinity and improved heat seal strength. SealPET products are FDA approved for direct food contact.

Typical Applications

  • Structural Thermoformed Product
  • Specialty Packaging
  • Extruded Product
  • Frozen to Cooking Bags
  • Multi-Layer Films
  • High Impact Injection molded Product

SealPET Advantages

  • Improved Toughness versus Standard PET Resins
  • High Durability
  • High Elongation
  • Excellent Low Temperature Impact Resistance
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Improved Heat Seal Strength

Technical specifications

SealPET 0610
ASTM & ISO Properties
PhysicalNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Density1.14g/ccISO 1183
Molding Shrinkage0.7%ASTM D955
Water Absorption @ 73°F1.2%ISO 62
Water Absorption @ Equilibrium2.5%ISO 62
MechanicalNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Tensile Modulus300,308psiASTM D638
Tensile Strength7,063psiASTM D638
Elongation @ Break142%ASTM D638
Flexural Modulus326,812psiASTM D790
ImpactNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Gardner Impact (23°C)>320in/lbsASTM D5420
Gardner Impact (-40°C)>320in/lbsASTM D256
RheologicalNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Melt Flow Rate (285°C, 2.16 Kg)12.0g/10 min.ASTM D1238


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