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PolyVisions Inc: The Plastic Supplier of Choice

Are you in need of a reliable plastic supplier? How do you choose one anyway? Now there are plenty of plastic distributors to choose from, Polyvisions Inc. is one of them. The question is how do you pick a supplier that can meet requirements and high standards? Here are a few guidelines.

Customized Solutions for Clients’ Requirements

PolyVisions Inc. is a popular choice among plastic compounders in several industries. The company works with a wide range of polymer materials from nylon, polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, thermoplastic elastomers and more.

Do not just think about what you currently need. Think about your possible requirements in the future as well. Make sure you choose a plastic supplier that can deliver your material requirements for the long term. In which case, it is best to choose a full-service plastic compounder such as PolyVisions.

With a state of the art facility, extensive experience and expertise, PolyVisions Inc. creates customized products. It does not matter whether the client manufactures baby bottle nipples or frozen entree plates, undersea cables or roofing membranes, PolyVisions provides polymer solutions to each of their client’s specific needs. Pick a plastic supplier with undisputable industry knowledge.

Undisputed Reputation and Reliability

PolyVisions has been around in the plastic compounding industry for almost 3 decades. It was established in 1986. Needless to say, the company’s many years of experience is proof of its competency and expertise in the field of materials science.

PolyVisions Inc. has been providing outstanding solutions to their clients from multiple industries for nearly 30 years. They not only have the reputation but more importantly the knowledge and technology to last that long.

Commitment to Quality and Consistency

PolyVisions Inc. is committed to quality and consistency. Unlike other manufacturers with substandard quality ratings, PolyVisions has the technology and machinability to deliver consistent quality and meet even the most challenging requirements of their clients. They use the highest quality materials according to their client needs. More importantly, the company delivers quality solutions consistently.

Quick Turnaround

Efficiency is important in the success of your business. With this said, you would want to choose a plastic supplier that can meet your requirements with a quick turnaround. Efficiency is not an issue with PolyVisions Inc. The company owns a 22,000-square-foot facility located in Pennsylvania.

This plastic manufacturer produces around 5 million pounds a year of compounded material. It operates round the clock for five days each week. With support from Bemis Associates, PolyVisions has the necessary resources to expand as business grows. The company’s well-equipped facility not only ensures quick turnaround but also quality as they continue to explore new technology to create state of the art solutions for their clients’ specific needs.

PolyVisions does seem like an excellent choice as far as plastic supply goes but what if you are operating a small business, can the company accommodate your minimal requirements? The great news is PolyVisions does not only cater to large-scale businesses. This notable plastic supplier also welcomes new business with small or start-up companies setting their minimum order requirement to as low as 50 pounds per order.

Quality assured, Customized solutions, efficient delivery, unwarranted reputation, these are not the only things PolyVisions is known for. The plastic supplier also has a world-class customer support team to handle your requirements.

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