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Markets Served

Tackling Tough Problems & Delivering Effective Solutions Across a Host of Industries

We love tackling tough problems and are not limited to any group of industries. Here are a few of the industries where we have delivered highly engineered and effective plastic resin solutions.

Building Materials

DuraPET PCR™ is helping building material OEMs provide LEED compliant products to their customers.

Consumer Electronics

E-waste is an issue facing all consumer electronics OEMs. DuraPET PCR™ is the solution. With its durability properties, heat and chemical resistance, and UL certified V0 flammability rating, sustainability goals can be met without sacrificing performance. DuraPET™ can be recycled and re-used, making cradle to cradle products achievable.

Enclosures and Housings

Analytical devices require high performance thermoplastic skins to protect the sophisticated electronics within. In hospital and life science environments, potent anti-bacterial cleaners are used to reduce the risk of patient infection and contamination. Over time, these powerful cleaners break down most thermoplastics. DuraPET™ has outstanding chemical resistance and stands up better to anti-bacterial cleaners than most thermoplastics. OEMs are increasingly using DuraPET™ as the ultimate solution.


DuraPET PCR™ is a drop-in sustainable replacement for most thermoplastics used for injection molded furniture. DuraPET™ is the answer for OEM’s strive to provide high recycled content products to their demanding customers. With our material and injection molding knowledge, we make it easy for our customers to develop better, more sustainable products to meet the growing demand by end users.

Other Industries

No matter what industry you serve, PolyVisions’ team of expert engineers and production leaders have the skills to take on difficult polymer engineering challenges. With over 20 years of compounding experience and a passion for solving problems, we are ready to help you grow your business.


We have the capability to add flame retardants, impact modifiers, heat stabilizers, UV stabilizers, and more to a variety of polymers used in automotive, rail, and aerospace applications.