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Plastics Compounding

Plastics compounding is no mean feat. But if it were easy, there would be no need for the thermoplastic polymerization specialists of PolyVisions – but we assure you, there is.

Since 1986, PolyVisions – proudly a wholly owned subsidiary of Bemis Associates Inc. – has been a premier developer of polymer compounding and related products, coming from our own 22,000-square-foot complex in Manchester, Pennsylvania. That makes us the all-American choice for plastics compounding.

Over the course of decades, we have become a premier producer of polymerized materials, compounding both plastic and thermoplastic, to be used in a broad range of industrial and consumer products.

See for yourself. View the information available on our website, PolyVisions.com. There, under the Products menu list, is an itemization of our five proprietary products: Ebony, ProFlow, NuPET, DuraPET and SealPET. Such plastic resins, materials polymerized inside our own laboratory and produced for market by our own machine shop, are designed and created according to the needs of industry – and can be tailored for the exact requirements of your company’s project.

PolyVisions employs a trusted team of polymer engineers and materials scientists to forge the plastics whose compounding is needed by industry. These industries include healthcare, transportation, food processing, food packaging and cabling/wiring industries, among myriad others. With our experience in providing plastics compounding for industries, we have a substantial capacity to perform polymerization with practically any usable material, such as polypropylene, nylon, thermoplastic elastomers, polycarbonate, polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate.

That collection of words may sound strange, but the polymers we create – be they customized or generic – from those strange things become instrumental components in a number of recognizable goods, like frozen entrée plates, roofing membranes, undersea cables and bottle nipples. So even if you’re not terribly familiar with PolyVisions, our products or the materials we use to make them, certainly you’ve been introduced to those products which use our products.

Call us at 717-266-3031. Also, keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. Let’s get things going toward the plastics compounding solution you need: Fill out the short form from PolyVisions.com’s Contact page about your polymerization project.

Polymer science has a concept known as reactive extrusion, and this process yields new materials which can be put to direct use in applications across a myriad of industries. It comes down to this: Through plastics compounding, we can help make those industries’ products better.

We are thankful for the opportunity to assist your company with its plastics compounding solutions.

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