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Plastics Supplier with Cutting Edge Solutions

In operation since 1986, PolyVisions Inc. is now a top class plastics supplier. With support from Bemis Associates Inc., PolyVisions maintains a 22-square-foot facility located in Pennsylvania.

The facility is highly equipped to make highly engineered plastics that make superior products according to industry standards. This is only one of the reasons why PolyVisions’ solutions are sought after.

The Innovative Products

Committed to innovation, PolyVisions plastics supplier does not just offer standard plastics. They have a complete line-up of highly improved tehrmoplastics that is useful in a wide range of applications. The SealPET for instance, features an improved toughness. It has an excellent elongation and durability. Introduced in 2011, SealPET has improved low temperature impact resistance with impressive UV stability and excellent heat seal strength.

These advantages make this innovative product ideal for producing structural thermoformed and extruded products. It also works best for high impact injection moulded and various applications including specialty packaging and multi-layer films.

In 2013, this renowned plastics supplier introduced an inventive crystallized PET resin they call NuPET. Just like the company’s previous product, NuPET has excellent durability, elongation and impact resistance. Among its best advantages is its high initial crystallinity, thermal stability and improved processing outputs. Nupet is also versatile as it can be utilized as stand-alone material or with other formulations.

The innovative resin is safe for food processing and packaging industries as it is FDA approved for direct food contact. The advanced features of NuPET are perfect for producing heat stable injection moulded, extruded and structural thermoformed products.

In their decades of operation, PolyVisions plastic supplier managed to come up with other unique products that are developed according to industry standards. The list includes Ebony, DuraPET and ProFlow. You may visit the Products section of the company’s website for more details about these innovations.

The Technology Behind the world Class products

Plastic compounding is a process that involves melting, mixing, propelling and pelletizing thermoplastics. A top class plastics supplier like PolyVisions uses equipment called twin screw extruder that features heated screws to produce fully blended materials. To ensure the quality of the plastic supply, PolyVisions also employs a process called reactive extrusion wherein the base polymers and additives are strongly and molecularly bonded. The results are called grafted polymers. The best advantage of these grafted polymers is improved consistency when they are processed to make end products.

Much can be said about this leading plastics supplier’s state-of-the-art facility but PolyVisions does not just rely on technology. PolyVisions also prides itself of expertise in the field of polymer chemistry and engineering. Advanced research and technology allows the company to produce effective and efficient material solutions to their clients.

Custom Compounding at its Finest

Other plastics suppliers may acquire superior equipments and they may cope with advanced research but the best part of working with PolyVisions is that the company always has their client’s requirements in mind. They do not just rely on what is available. Rather, PolyVisions comes up with custom fitted solutions. 30 years has allowed them to respond to their client’s needs no matter how challenging the issues seem to be. If you want cutting edge products, PolyVisions Inc. is the plastics supplier to go to.

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