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Polymer Compounding

Polymer compounding is no easy task, but if it were easy, you wouldn’t need the polymerization specialists of PolyVisions to assist you – but you do.

Many have in the past. Since 1986, PolyVisions – wholly owned subsidiary of Bemis Associates Inc. – has been an eminent developer and manufacturer for polymer compounding and related products, based in our own 22,000-square-foot facility in Manchester, Pennsylvania, making us the all-American choice for polymer compounding.

Over the decades, we have become a premier producer of polymerized, compounded materials, both plastic and thermoplastic, used in a far-reaching range of industrial products.

Please check out that usefulness for yourself, through the information available on our website, PolyVisions.com. There, under the Products menu list, is a breakdown of our five main products: Ebony, NuPET, DuraPET, ProFlow and SealPET. These plastic resins, materials polymerized in our own laboratory and produced for market with our own machines, are formulated in accordance with the requirements of industry – and can be customized for the precise requirements of your company’s project.

PolyVisions employs an all-star team of materials scientists and polymer engineers to make the materials needed by a host of industries, such as healthcare, food processing, food packaging, transportation and cabling/wiring industries, to name some. With our years of experience in serving these industries, we have a well-developed capacity to perform polymer compounding with essentially any base substance, such as polypropylene, nylon, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polycarbonate, polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

They may sound foreign, but the polymers we create, custom or generic, from these things wind up in an extraordinary number of familiar goods, like frozen entrée plates, roofing membranes, undersea cables and bottle nipples. So even if you’re not very familiar with PolyVisions, our products or the materials we use to make them, certainly you’re familiar with the products that use our products.

Make sure your company’s products join that list. Call us at 717-266-3031, or connect on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Most importantly, let’s get the proverbial ball rolling toward the solution to your polymer compounding need by submitting a brief about your intended project from PolyVisions.com’s Contact page.

The tenets of polymer science’s reactive extrusion allows new materials to be created, thereby permitting their use in applications across a range of industries. To wit, with polymer compounding, we help make things better.

Let us help you make things better. We appreciate the opportunity to provide your company with the polymer compounding solutions that benefit you the most.

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