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Polymer Resin

Products Made of Polymer Resin

Polymer resin is like the industrial counterpart of naturally-occurring plant resins. Much like plant resins, polymer resin starts out as a thick and sticky fluid that hardens permanently when left out in the open air for a certain period of time. They are usually produced by soaping organic compounds like thermosetting plastics. Companies that manufacture thermoplastics can make use of substances like methyl methacrylate, which behaves like a casting sort of resin in its liquid state. Once the methyl methacrylate goes through a polymerization process, it then sets into a hard, solid form. The finished product is sometimes used as a kind of acrylic glass.

Given that polymer resin is produced via the compounding of plastic substances, PolyVisions, Inc. typically supplies this sort of raw material to be used in many manufacturing processes. The average person actually encounters this sort of material every day in a variety of finished products, such as the following:

1.) In cars or automobiles. Car factories as well as manufacturing plants that produce spare parts and components for vehicles use polymer resin a lot. The material is crucial to the production of several automobile-related components such as seat belts and carpets. These polymers are also used in the injection molding processes for cars or automobiles and are responsible for the durability of the said components and finished products. PolyVisions, Inc. is usually tapped by companies looking for polymers that are sure to withstand a great deal of force and strain to help keep customers riding the vehicles and automobiles safe and secure.

2.) In construction. There are a wide variety of uses for this material in construction. They can be used to produce sturdy window or door frames, durable but aesthetically-pleasing floor tiles, the bases of countertops, and so on. Apart from its durability, polymer resins are prized in the field of construction for its versatility since the liquid form can be poured into molds to produce the desired shape.

3.) In packaging. This material is godsend for those producing all sorts of packaging materials. The liquid form of this material is helpful for producing uniquely-shaped yet durable kinds of packaging for products that have an irregular shape. Some components of packaging materials, such as screws or bolts, can also be hewn from this material.

Polymer resins can also be used to fashion solid and sleek cases for expensive powders and cosmetics, along with sturdy bottles and containers for substances that need to kept in airtight containers (e.g., nail polish, etc.).

4.) In textiles. While polymer resins aren’t really a component of the common kinds of fabrics being used in the textile industry, they are used to produce other clothing components. Buttons and zippers with polymer resin parts, for example, are widely used in the production processes of companies involved in the textile industry.

5.) In other technical applications. Goods like paper machine clothing, mechanical rubber products, and industrial, technical fabrics also involve quantities of polymer resin in their respective production processes.

Whatever your needs are, we can discuss them with you so that we can provide the right products for you. When it comes to plastics, you can trust that PolyVisions, Inc. will deliver high quality products manufactured using the latest technology.

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