ProFLOW Case Study

Current Customer

ISSUE: Product currently be molded uses high fill pressures to fill the parts and there is still a significant scrap rate for short shots exceeding 15%. Other issues include belling during ejection and flash. Material is a flame retardant low flow Polypropylene. Machine is a 950 ton Milacron. The tool is a single cavity cold runner tool. The part requires several gates to fill the part. Part weighs 5 lbs.

Solution: There was a 7.5% addition of ProFLOW 1000 used to mold the product. A reduction in peak pressure of 17% was observed. A 10% reduction in fill time was observed. Pack Time was reduced by 50%. A 20% overall reduction in cycle time was achieved. Product released from cores with much more consistency. Belling was eliminated and short shots were eliminated.

ProFLOW 1000 Return on Investment

1. Addition of 7.5% ProFLOW resulted in a cycle savings of 13 seconds. You can produce 53 parts per hour at the original 68 second cycle time. At the new cycle time of 55 seconds you can produce 65 parts per hour. This is an additional 12 parts per hour. This will be over 240 more parts per day. This equates to 1680 parts per week or 87,400 parts per year.
2. If the current scrap rate is 15% and ProFLOW reduces the rate to 10%; this equates to 2 plus parts per hour or 40 more parts per day. This can be as much as 14,560 parts per year in scrap savings. With a material cost of $2.40/# and $12/part, this is a savings of $174,700.00 per year in scrap.
3. Overall production would increase by 19% allowing less machine time and labor time to be used to produce the same amount of production. This equates to over 1.5 additional part per hour at the new cycle and scrap rates. You could produce 450,000 parts in 41 weeks as opposed to 52 weeks. At the standard press rate, including profit and operator cost, of $109/hr. you would see an annual savings of $167,860.00 per year in reduced machine cost.
4. Overall ROI
a. Current Material Cost – New Material Cost = $270,000.00/ 450,000 parts
b. Total savings From Above – $342,500/450,000 parts

TOTAL ROI = $72,500.00/Year
***This is for one Part. This can be multiplied over several parts that are currently running and will show the same effects using ProFLOW 1000.