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Recycled Plastic Compounds

Recycled plastic compounds are at the cutting edge of a materials science revolution that is sweeping the world. The ability to develop plastics that can meet a variety of consumer and industrial needs has increased tremendously over the last twenty years. Polyvisions Inc is leading the crest of this wave. The company produces the most durable thermoplastic compound in the world with the highest recycled content on the market. Polyvisions Inc is able to bring together the right combination of materials to meet the most difficult and most demanding applications.

Here are some of the industries that can benefit from the solutions provided by Polyvisions Inc:

Building and Construction

Polyvisions helps original equipment manufacturers supply LEED compliant products to their customers.

Electronics and Housing

E-waste is a tough problem faced by original equipment manufacturer. Polyvisions Inc. Produces solutions that work. It supplies products that are durable, heat and chemical resistant, and have a satisfactory flammability rating. The company can help you meet your sustainability goals without sacrificing performance.

Food Packaging

Polyvisions grafted materials have excellent heat seal adhesion characteristics. They are often used to link the layers of different kinds of materials. The company produces FDA-approved grafted materials that can resist impact at a range of temperatures.


Polyvisions Inc. Has superior injection molding knowledge, which makes it easier for furniture production companies to develop newer, smarter, and more sustainable products to meet the changing demands of end users.


The company produces flame retardants, impact modifiers, heat stabilizers, and UV stabilizers to polymers used by provide consumers as well as aerospace and rail industries.

High quality, high-end, highly resistance polymers are the future. They will allow companies from a range of industries to create products using fewer environmentally-hazardous materials. No matter your particular line of business, Polyvisions Inc can work with your development team to work out a solution.

The professionals at Polyvisions Inc. Have considerable technical knowledge in the development and application of industrial polymers. The company operates 24 hours a day 5 days a week in a 25,000 square foot facility. It has the capacity to produce more than 5 million pounds of compounded material a year. The company has a well-equipped lab that has the technology to develop state-of-the art materials and innovative polymer solutions.

Having a reliable and well-resourced supplier is essential to success in business. Polyvisions seeks to partner with small, medium, and large businesses from a variety of industries. The company is financially-backed by 105-year old Bemis Associates. It offers both scientific expertise and sound business acumen. Polyvisions Inc. Approaches each company as a distinct and holistic entity and seeks to work according to the specific needs and demands of each client. Whether you are on the verge of a new breakthrough in engineering or design or you want to produce a tried and tested product in a much more efficient and innovative way, Polyvisions Inc. Can help you with concrete solutions. The company adheres to the highest standards in the business and will not rest until you are completely satisfied with its recycled plastic compounds.

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