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Recycled Plastic Resins

Excellent and Trusted Recycled Plastic Resins Here at Polyvisions Inc!

Many industries from building materials to transportation use recycled plastic resins as part of their products. Why? These resins are chemical resistant and durable that gives your products a longer lifespan. Now is the right time for your part of the growing industries that are using polymers, additives, and resins!

Polyvisions Inc is here to give you thermoplastic solutions to level up your company and business goals. From the formulation to the service result, we guarantee you that recycled plastic resins are one of the best products you can have. Let our team show you the importance of thermoplastic compounding and how it can help your business reach success. We make sure to complete the production process on time so that satisfaction is yours.

We’re proud to provide you the following as part of our successful service:
• Wide selection of thermoplastic compounds, and additives
• Quality lab capacity to ensure right and accurate solution process
• On-site warehousing to secure and maintain the quality of thermoplastic compounds
• A wide range of recycled plastic resins for your needs
• Flexible packaging that includes boxes, bags, bulk truck and more

Excellent Compounding Processes

Polyvisions Inc is a reliable premium compounder that maintains excellent work and service through its compounding processes. Through our experts, we produce the best and useful compounds that are essential to the needs of every industry. We always maintain accuracy and stability with the thermoplastic compounds we use.

We give effort and time to make the work excellent and reliable. We follow a systematic and detailed process to ensure our services would be successful.

Quality Products and Experts in the Industry

Polyvisions Inc holds the best polymers, recycled plastic resins, and additives in the market. Through our quality solutions, we’re able to meet the expectations of clients. We’re skilled and knowledgeable on how to process these products. We make sure each solution is right for any business or industry through accurate testing.

For the past decades, we’re considered experts regarding thermoplastic compounds. Whether it’s resins or additives, we know its nature and composition. Our expert team had years of training for them to produce excellent results in thermoplastic compounding. So, you have the guarantee to gain the right formulation of each solution.

Safe and Secure Facilities

Polyvisions Inc operates with professionalism and expertise in its facilities. Here, we assure you each facility is capable of holding the formulation process. Our experts are careful during the thermoplastic procedure to ensure an excellent service is yours.

We also observe the cleanliness of our facilities for us to have flexible and comfortable movements. Polyvisions Inc provides the best and efficient service to our clients. Thus, you can expect a great result if you call us!

Talk to Us and Get the Best Service!

Polyvisions Inc is the premier provider of polymers, recycled plastic resins, and additives. We uphold our commitment to serve you with excellence all the time. So, come now and dial these numbers 1-717-266-3031! We do our best to serve you and give you excellent service! Talk to us, and we’re happy to set a convenient schedule for you today!

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