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Specialty Compounding

When it comes to specialty compounding, materials matter. For the utmost expertise in polymer plastics and specialty compounding, the material scientists and engineers of PolyVisions Inc. are your premier partners for thermoplastic compounding solutions.

Since we opened in 1986, PolyVisions has made use of our industry knowledge to create polymers which solve our customers’ problems.

The word “polymer” derives from Greek, meaning “many parts.” To perform specialty compounding, synthetic plastics have to be engineered by combining certain molecules to make bigger molecules with an array of unique properties. This procedure, exhaustively performed, yields useful polymers for a host of industries – and it precisely describes what PolyVisions does.

Our products are used in many different kinds of products, from undersea cables to frozen entrée plates, baby bottle nipples to roofing membranes. We are total specialty compounders, making the full range of polymerized substances. These includes polypropylene, polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), nylon, thermoplastic elastomers and polycarbonate, among other varieties.

PolyVisions has contributed substantially to myriad industries and their products for the end-consumer. Polymerized materials of our own creation are involved in cable and wire, transportation, healthcare, food processing, food packaging and more. Reactive extrusion and polymer chemistry are used to formulate material solutions, thereby remedying some difficult thermoplastic issues.

We provide any of five exactingly engineered plastic resin products: ProFlow, SealPET, Ebony, NuPET and DuraPET. These polymerized materials have been intelligently engineered to conform to precise specifications. More information concerning the properties and benefits of each of these compounded plastics are accessible through the Products menu of PolyVisions.com.

You should know that these products are by no means one-polymer-fits-all. We can tailor our technologies specifically for the demands of your industry, and in so doing, maximize the benefit to your business.

From our dedicated 22,000-square-foot facility in Manchester, PA, PolyVisions Inc. serves the specialty compounding needs of the entire world. And while we assist in the growth of your business, we too are well-positioned for growth, being a wholly owned subsidiary of Bemis Associates Inc.

Does your company need specialty compounding? The initial step is quite simple. Submit the brief on your project from within our Contact page here on PolyVisions.com, and you can consider it begun.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, or call us at 717-266-3031. Our delivery is on-time, our solutions are rapid and our customer support is world-class. You can be confident that you will have PolyVisions as the experts in specialty compounding each step of the way.

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