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Specialty Plastics

The Many Uses of Specialty Plastics in Our Modern World

Plastic is a very useful product. In fact, we actually use plastic more than any other product in the market today. Specialty Plastics are very easy to use in creating various products. It is the perfect material that can be durable, lightweight and easy to manufacture. This is the main reason why most companies tend to use plastic as a component of their manufacturing process.

Here are just some of the many uses of specialty plastics:

1. Building Industry
Believe it or not, there are more plastic products in your homes than you think. Specialty plastics can be used to manufacture construction materials like valves, pipes, floorings, panels, sidings, valves, insulation, windows, fixtures, railings, doors, gratings and glazing. Most contractors actually choose specialty plastics because they are able to resist natural elements and corrosion better than metal products. Also, they are very easy to handle due to its light weight.

2. Packaging
When people hear the world plastic, they usually think of plastic bags or containers. This is because of the fact that the packaging industry makes use of specialty plastics more often than any other material. Plastic can be turned into any shape and color which is why it is the material of choice. It can be produced with various strength degrees as well. Plastic wrappers that can be used to carry your groceries are often very susceptible to wear and tear. But the same plastic type can also be used to create a container that can carry biohazard materials for various purposes. Specialty plastics are very versatile.

3. Transportation
Most of our vehicles are actually made up of specialty plastics. Because of its lightweight, plastic parts are very common in car parts like seats, hoods, doors, fenders and trunk lids. Plastic is the best material that can provide the needed durability without the added weight. Cars need to be able to take people to various places and it won’t be able to do that effectively if its parts are all made of heavy materials like metal.

4. Electronics
Specialty plastics are also very common in the electronics industry. Most computers and electronic gadgets are made of plastic. It is literally the backbone of the industry because most electronics are very small and hard to manufacture using a different material. Only plastic will enable manufacturers to create small scale computer parts like chips and circuit boards. Aside from this, plastic has insulation and thermal properties that are ideal for electronic products like coffee makers, hair dryers, microwave ovens and refrigerators.

5. Recycling
Specialty plastics are also very easy to recycle. Plastic does not easily decompose like other materials so they are ideal for recycling because they can be turned into something completely different from their original form. A plastic that once was used as a plastic container can be put into a process to create an entirely different product. Most recycling companies actually focus on using plastic materials.

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