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Specialty Polymers

Industry Applications of Specialty Polymers

Apart from chemistry class, one other field where you might hear the word “specialty polymers” is in the manufacturing industry. Since plastic is currently the favored material for many kinds of fast-moving goods and products in the world, there has been a renewed demand for the material and many of its other iterations.

Most manufacturing plants that serve as plastic suppliers usually produce product lines that seek to address a wide variety of industries and their typical concerns. PolyVisions, Inc. produces different kinds of specialty polymers for the following kinds of industries:
1.) Transportation. The transportation industry clearly encompasses a whole host of applications for specialty polymers in rail and automotive. A few specialized institutions even focus on aerospace transportation and its applications. PolyVisions, Inc. is one of the companies that provide special kinds of polymers that can perform important functions (e.g., stabilize heat, retard flames or burning incendiary materials, etc.). These kinds of special polymers tend to come in handy for an industry that needs to ensure the safety and security of its passengers.

2.) Healthcare and Medicine. Special kinds of polymers are useful in the medical industry for lubricating or aiding in the delivery of drugs or medication. Hospital or clinic paraphernalia, such as sturdy bed frames or adjustable ones that retract as needed, can also be fashioned out of a specific kind of specialty polymers. Medical equipment such as scanning devices also tend to have components that are made from the same kind of material.

3.) Textile and clothing. Special kinds of polymers can be incorporated into the production process for many kinds of textile and clothing, though not specifically in the production of fabrics but rather in the manufacturing of clothing components like buttons or zippers.

4.) Civil structures and engineering. Polymer resins, especially when used in clusters or solid components, are physically durable and hold their shape very well. This makes them particularly suitable and ideal for helping to build bridges or other similar structures that play a crucial role in the functioning of towns or cities.

5.) Food processing and manufacturing. The specialty polymers produced by PolyVisions, Inc. have been put through a specially-designed grating process that significantly increases its resistance to a fairly extensive range of cooking temperatures. The special polymer products in this category can thus be used to store food in freezing temperatures or to put them through blazing high temperatures in an industrial cooking process.

One added bonus is that the special polymer products manufactured by PolyVisions, Inc. has already been inspected and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food contact.

6.) Food packaging. Keeping raw, processed, or cooked food safe for consumption even as these are kept in storage is the ultimate goal of food packaging products. The plastic food containers produced by PolyVisions, Inc. not only come with many layers of specialty polymers, but they are also built to have superior resistance against slight to moderate impact as well as to varying temperatures.

PolyVisions, Inc. can be your partner in your business or operations. Let us know what kind of plastics you need and we will gladly present you with options to suit your needs and budget.

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