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Sustainable Plastics Solutions

Global Leaders in Sustainable Plastics Solutions

The problem of plastic waste is real and getting worse. Since 1950, humans have produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic. Approximately 9% of that amount has been recycled. Plastic waste in our oceans is an environmental catastrophe.

At PolyVisions we believe the solution is embedded in the problem. We believe in three truths that are the keys to solving the world’s plastic waste problem.

  1. Recycled plastic has value.
  2. Plastic products can be designed to be recycled and made into the same parts again and again.
  3. Consumers will demand for products with high recycled content is growing exponentially.

We want to help change the way people use plastic.

PolyVisions is a world leader in the modification of recycled PET converting it from single use packaging grade material to a fully circular plastic suitable for durable goods applications.

We know PET

We are experts in the modification of post-consumer recycled PET.

We Know Circularity

We are pioneering methods and logistics for converting finished parts back into DuraPET PCR pellets so that the same part can be made again and again without using virgin plastic.

We Know End Use Requirements

With over 100 years combined experience in the plastics industry, our expertise with a multitude of requirements is hard to match. We can deliver a product that meets your end use application needs.

We Help Brands Meet Their Recycled Content and Circularity Goals

We work with major brands throughout the world helping them reach the sustainability targets their customers are asking them to deliver.