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Sustainable Polymers

We at PolyVisions know that sustainability matters – for many reasons – and that’s why we make the best sustainable polymers and plastics for industrial, commercial and everyday consumer use. Sustainable polymers matter – for the long-term economy, for the ecological environment, for our health and for our kids’ future – and that’s why PolyVisions makes them.

Check out our most popular and in-demand products, DuraPET and DuraPET PCR, which make PolyVisions Inc. the national and global leader in durable sustainable thermoplastic compound solutions with among the highest percentage of recycled material on the plastic-polymer durable goods market. There’s more in our two-minute video on this PolyVisions.com webpage – including a scientific look at DuraPET PCR, an engineering-grade graft polymer compound that creates a sustainable, versatile, ductile material of high tensile strength with amazing chemical resistance.

Did you know that every one thousand (1,000) pounds of DuraPET PCR used on the market effectively removes sixty-five thousand (65,000!) plastic water/soda bottles out of our waste stream? That means they never reach our planet’s streams, rivers, and oceans.

Among the other top advantages of sustainable polymers by PolyVisions:

• environmentally friendly
• recyclable wherever PET is recycled
• strong, durable, reliable and long-lasting
• cost-effective and economical

With modern technology, the production and usage of sustainable polymers results in the emission of fewer greenhouse gases and a smaller carbon impact. Additionally, sustainable polymers tend to have a facile end-life, meaning that plastic components of popular, everyday, highly useful household items (such as the immense variety of products PolyVisions helps make, like baby bottles, electrical cables and roof shingles) are gentler on the environment overall.

It’s all because of PolyVisions, Inc. has worked for nearly 30 years, making better and better recycled compounds with sustainable compounding techniques, using cutting-edge polymer science that results in a wide array of useful, durable, and most importantly environmentally sustainable products.

PolyVisions strives to produce and compound the best polymers, plastics and thermoplastics available on any Internet website or in the open market of the plastic resin industry. That’s why we work hard and smart to formulate all our polymer plastic resins – DuraPET, SealPET, NuPet, Ebony and ProFlow – to be manufactured with a sustainability that addresses the needs of consumers without damage to our environment, health and economy.

When you think about the plastics that make possible the products of industries like furniture, electronics, building and construction, transportation, packaging, enclosures, housing, food storage and many other big businesses – and when you consider the sustainability of the polymers therein – that’s when you make the call to PolyVisions, Inc. at 717-266-3031 or on the web at PolyVisions.com. PolyVisions of Manchester, Pennsylvania, is an American plastics producer to whom sustainable polymers matter.

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