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Thermoplastic Pellets

Distinct Characteristics of Thermoplastic Pellets

Thermoplastic pellets are very common in today’s manufacturing industry. This is because of its following distinct characteristics:

1. Chemical Resistant
Plastic is very resistant to various types of chemicals. Ever notice why most household chemicals are packaged in plastic? This is the reason why. It is, however, still very important to take note of the chemical resistance of a particular product made of thermoplastic pellets. Not all plastics are designed to withstand various chemical reactions. There are solvents that can dissolve plastic. So, it is important to use a specific plastic package for a specific type of chemical.

2. Electrical and Thermal Conductor
Plastic is common in any household because of this distinct characteristic. All you household appliances and electrical wirings are either made up or covered with plastic made from thermoplastic pellets. Even pots and pans have handles made up of plastic to avoid getting burned. Also, many winter sports enthusiasts like skiers also use a specific kind of thermal underwear made up of lightweight plastic materials because of this feature.

3. Strong
Plastic is very durable and can last a long period of time. In fact, unlike most waste materials that are susceptible to corrosion, plastic is not biodegradable and can last thousands of years without corrosion. This is the main reason why plastic can also be seen in the production of transportation vehicles from roller blades, surfboards, roller skates up to even the most top of the line cars.

4. Lightweight
Plastic made of thermoplastic pellets are also very lightweight. This is the main reason why most toys are also made of plastic. Babies don’t have that much strength and only plastic can allow them to enjoy their childhood toys without exerting too much effort. This is also a one of the reasons why thermoplastic pellets are used in vehicles. Compared to concrete, copper, steel or even aluminum, plastic is more durable and lightweight for ease of transportation.

5. Can be easily molded
Thermoplastic pellets can be used to manufacture plastic products into various shapes and sized through molds. So, even the most intricate design is possible when using plastic. Manufacturers will no longer need to custom design all parts one by one because one mold can create thousands of products in just one sitting. So, this pretty much increases the production capability of companies without decreasing quality.

6. Limitless Options
Plastic can be turned into various shapes and sizes. We’ve already tackled this beforehand but it is also important to note that plastic can also be turned into a limitless array of colors and other characteristics. Additives can be used to transform a transparent plastic into a product with various colors. In fact, thermoplastic pellets can be designed to mimic any product that comes from nature like silk, cotton, wool, marble, aluminum, porcelain and even zinc.

For more information on thermoplastic pellets, here are some of its benefits:

1. Highly Recyclable
This product can be used to process new products from used plastic materials.

2. Shrink Resistance
Products made of thermoplastic pellets are more resistant to impact and does not easily shrink. So, it is ideal for the food packaging industry that involves very high or very low temperature.
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