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About PolyVisions

Turning Polymers Into Solutions

PolyVisions is a premier specialized custom compounder.

We are uniquely equipped to provide solutions to your thermoplastic material challenges through our true polymer science and formulation expertise. Our highly engineered products can be found in a myriad of applications across a broad range of industries. Examples of how we turn polymers into solutions are all around you from baby bottle nipples to roofing membranes to undersea cables to frozen entre plates. Let PolyVisions demonstrate our commitment to you by providing quick solutions, on time delivery, and world class customer support! The PolyVisions advantage is clear: not only can we customize our exciting technologies directly to your products, but you’ll have PolyVisions as part of your team every step of the way.


>       PolyVisions Inc. began operations in 1986 to market proprietary, specialty polypropylene plastic resins and additives.
>       In October 1996, PolyVisions moved into a dedicated 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Manchester, PA.
>       In 2011 SealPET was created using graft polymerization techniques, creating a tougher and more durable PET copolymer material.
>       In 2013 NuPET was created to improve upon the nucleation and crystallization of PET.
>       In 2013 Bemis Associates Inc. acquires PolyVisions as a wholly owned subsidiary.
>       PolyVisions Inc. continues to offer material solutions using reactive extrusion and polymer chemistry to solve the toughest materials issues.