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5 Thermoplastic Resin Products by Polyvisions Inc., used in Various Industries

Polyvisions Inc. is one of the leading companies in the plastic compounding industry. They have been utilizing their skills in creating customized thermoplastic resin products since 1986. The company has provided extensive contribution of plastic products in the following industries:

1. Food processing industry
Thermoplastic resin is used in products that need demanding applications that can withstand extreme temperatures when freezing or cooking. The plastic used in this industry is also FDA approved.

2. Cable industry
Polyvisions can the manufacture impact modifiers, density modifiers as well as other polymers that can be used in the cable or wiring industry. Most cables are covered by a plastic protection. This aids in the avoidance of electrocution as well as proper conduction of electronic gadgets.

3. Transportation industry
Polyvisions also has the capability to create plastic materials that are flame retardant for automotive or transportation applications. Some of the examples of plastic products in the transportation industry include wheels, window casings, fenders, mirror casings, and many more.

4. Food packaging industry
Most food packages are made from plastic because of its durability and superior resistance to various temperature ranges. Some food packaging products include water bottles, plastic containers, and many others.

Some of the products they manufacture include:

1. ProFLOW thermoplastic resin
This product is more commonly used in processing aids as well as lubricants. The melting temperature of ProFLOW is around 142 to 161 degrees Celsius. Some of the products that use this thermoplastic resin include TPE baby nipples, electronic housings, roofing membranes, thin wall containers as well as dispersion additives like lubricants.

2. SealPET thermoplastic resin
This product has a low temperature resistance. They can be grafted or molded into a product that needs superior heat and low temperature. This product is usually applied to products for specialty packaging like cooking bags. They are very tough compared to other thermoplastic resin and excellent in impact resistance and UV stability.

3. NuPET thermoplastic resin
This substance is used in a master batch for low levels that can accelerate crystallization. They are usually or applied in materials that need extreme durability, high crystallization, and food contact. So, this material is very common in food containers because it is FDA approved.

4. DuraPET thermoplastic resin
This material demonstrates high wear characteristics and can withstand high temperatures over 180 degrees Celsius. They can be processed through methods like injection molding, thermoforming, blown filming, and extrusion.

5. Ebony thermoplastic resin
This is usually used in products that need superior dispersion. They are commonly used in the production of food trays and packaging films.

Plastic is generally a part of everybody’s daily life. In fact, it is literally impossible for people to spend a day without encountering a thermoplastic resin product. From waking up and turning off an alarm clock made of plastic to communicating with loved ones through electronic gadgets, plastic is visible. So, if you have any queries about plastic and its possible manufacturing applications, contact PolyVisions for more information.

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