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Thermoplastic Resins

Innovative Thermoplastic Resins from PolyVisions

The use of thermoplastic resins started in the mid 1800s. This substance is a type of polymer compound that has the ability to soften or liquefy when subjected to heating process. Once the substance cools, the resin returns to a solid state.

The first commercial product made of thermoplastic substance is celluloid. It was also used to make audio cassette tapes. Today, thermoplastic manufacturers use resins to produce consumer products from drinking bottles to food wrapping, stretch fabric to toys, blocks to sound system cabinets. A top choice in thermoplastic compounders, PolyVisions Inc. leads the way to discovering new resin formulations to make more and better commercial products.

ProFlow Thermoplastic Resin

This polymerized material helps with processing improvement for multiple thermoplastics. PolyVisions uniquely engineered ProFlow resin is capable of reducing mold pressures in both extrusion and injection molding applications because it is made to have high melt index. It is designed to have high flow rate so it can melt quickly at low viscosity Newtonian fluids.

The standard melting point of these thermoplastic resins is between 142°C to 161°C. PolyVisions can further customize the resins to have a melting point between 117°C and 232°C. These resins also have the capability to maintain the desirable physical properties of polypropylene. It is ideal as processing aids specifically for rubber moulded and extruded film products.

Ebony Thermoplastics Resin

The food packaging industry is one of the valuable clients of PolyVisions Inc. The company specifically engineered Ebony thermoplastic resins to help their clients increase their production rates of food trays and other packaging applications. Made from a combination of polyolefin, PET and a variety of thermoplastic materials, Ebony resins are capable of increasing crystallization rate.

They also boast of greater dispersion which is ideal for color development. PolyVisions can even apply different formulations to these resins so it can better fit their client’s requirements.

DuraPET Thermoplastic Resins

Ideal for specialty packaging and injection molding, DuraPET is extremely durable. It can withstand high impact. It can even tolerate extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. It has improved crystallinity. Its heat seal strength is impressive too.

SealPET Plastic Resin

Another high impact resin, SealPET was developed by PolyVisions in 2011. The company managed to modify PET materials to make these resins withstand low temperature impact. Moreover, the heat seal strength is excellent. PolyVisions also made these resins safe for food contact as approved by FDA.

NuPET Thermoplastic Resin

Developed in 2013, NuPET is a crystallized thermoplastic resins. Extremely durable with high impact resistance, NuPET is ideal for producing heat stable injection moulded, extruded and structural thermoformed products. It is also useful in multi-layer films and specialty packaging applications. NuPET has excellent elongation and it is also FDA approved for direct food contact. Moreover, these thermoplastics increase processing outputs. Clients who use these resins produce products that have high thermal stability.

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